20+ Experts Share the Secret Sauce to Success!

What We Will Be Covering…

In a world filled with panic, fear, hate, and the unknown; it’s easy to want to crawl into a dark hole and not leave.


But now is the time to focus on leading gracefully, helping others, choosing unity, and finding our passion in life.


Join us for our FREE virtual event, Millennials On Purpose, where we discuss:

  • How To See Your True Life Passion And Monetize It
  • How 20+ Experts And Real Business Owners Have Success
  • What Mindset They Needed To Get Into Before Beginning Their Journey
  • Their Strategies To Achieve a Profitable, Successful Business
  • The Tools They Obtained For Creating A Life They Love
  • Understanding How Business Works–Especially During Uncertain Times
  • How To Thrive As A Business Owner In Any Economy
  • Marketing, Speaking, Sales, Non-Profit, Purpose, Passion and much more…


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In times of change and uncertainty, it’s important now take a stand for what we truly believe in, to follow our dreams and be in service to others, & design a life that gives us freedom & meaning.


Baeth Davis

Doctor Purpose

Rich German

JV Inside Circle

Jackie Simmons

Get Over The Blocks To Speaking Up and Standing Out

Justin Schenck

Growth Now Movement / How to Podcast

Nicole Michal

Miracle Maker Mentor

Jacquie Somerville

Turning Your Passion into a Profitable Business

Robin Joy Meyers

Fear Strategist

Jesse Doubek

InfluencerSoft / Marketing Agency

Amanda Boleyn

She Did It Her Way Podcast

Tracy Repchuk

How to Double Your Income in 3 Simple Steps

Sandra Dee Robinson

Brutal Honesty and Leadership Coach

Abhi Golhar

Entrepreneur and Investor

Michelle Tillis Lederman

Likability Author, Speaker

Andrea Pennington

Top Branding Expert

Kiernan Richardson

Joint Venture Partnerships: The Key to Success

Darrell Stern

Digital Marketing

Marjorie Saulson

Communication Confidence Coach

Jill Alban

Integrity Equals Magic: Stay True to Your Vision and Grow Your Business

Jasmin Manke

Turn Your Expertise Into A 6-Figure Coaching Business Online

20+ Experts Share the Secret Sauce to Success!